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Triplets At Pre-School: Day 2

The triplets were dragging this morning when I tried to wake them up. KJ and Juli just stayed in their beds as I was turning on lights and opening windows. After I got their clothes out I told them that they had to get ready because we needed to get to school.

Right then I knew we were going to have a problem. As soon as Juli heard me say school she started to whine “but I’ll miss you”. That continued through getting dressed, and breakfast, and hair brushing, and teeth brushing (yes, she was whining while I was brushing her teeth).

Then as we were heading outside to get in the van the tears started. She continued to cry the entire ride to school, thankfully it’s a short trip. During all of this KJ and Elisha were just fine. I walked them into the school, got them into their classroom and started to say goodbye. Then Elisha started crying. KJ was already almost too busy to notice I was saying goodbye.

With both girls sobbing, I walked out of the room. Thankfully mine weren’t the only ones crying, so I couldn’t really hear Juli or Elisha crying as I walked out of the school. I’ll say it again, those teachers are saints. Hopefully they settled down as quickly as they did yesterday. And hopefully Juli gets over this bit of separation anxiety soon.