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Triplets: General Update

These kids are growing up really fast. In less than two weeks they’ll be starting pre-school, and shortly after that they’ll be turning four. Where has the time gone?

Recently Juli has been very talkative. She really doesn’t stop. From the time she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep there is constant chatter. She doesn’t even stop when she’s eating. We’ve had a hard time getting her to not talk with her mouth full. She talks about everything and anything. It’s very cute, especially when she’s talking to KJ or Elisha. I love listening to the conversations they have with each other right now.
Elisha is becoming a ring-leader. She gets everyone to play together and most of the time its what she wants to play. Her imagination is unbelievable right now. She comes up with all of these little games for them to play together and they all have rules. The only problem is that if KJ or Juli don’t follow her rules she starts to break down and then the fights start. She also finds ways to get KJ and Juli to do things they shouldn’t and then stands buy and watches as they get in trouble. 
KJ is really into building things to destroy them, and destroying things his sisters build. He’s a typical brother. He also loves to help. He’ll do just about anything you ask him to do as long as he thinks he’s helping someone. He’s really interested in the stars, the moon, and rockets, and he’s really good at games and puzzles. And he remembers everything. I can’t say anything around him unless I’m positive I want him to hear it. If he hears something he shouldn’t, he’ll make you regret saying it. Gretch and I have to be very careful what we say this year regarding Christmas presents and where they come from, or he’ll figure the whole thing out.