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Thomas the Tank Engine

This past weekend I did something that I’ve always wanted to do. When I was growing up my family never put a train under the tree. We always put a train up, but the set was too big to put under the tree, so we set it up in the basement on a ping pong table. It was fun, but I still wanted to have a train under the tree.

So, on Saturday morning after the kids woke up, we got out the Thomas the Train set that we bought last year but never put out because the kids weren’t quite ready for it yet. After a little set up and a lecture about when we can and when we can’t play with the train, I let them play.
I know it’s a simple thing, but the kids enjoy it, and I enjoy watching them and the enjoyment little things like this bring them. You can’t tell by their expressions in the pictures, but they did have a pretty good time with it.