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The triplets are really into flowers and gardening right now. Between the vegetable garden I put in the back yard to the roses and sunflowers we have growing along the side of our house, they’re always making sure everything has enough water and updating me on the status of each plant. This morning while wandering […]

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Rainwater Collection

In an effort to begin to offset the damage we’ve done to the environment with the thousands of desposable diapers we’ve put into landfils, we installed a rainwater collection system to use to water our garden, and possibly our flowers, if the hose is long enough. We bought the kit from our local Home Depot […]

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Last weekend I had the opportunity to put our garden in. We’re starting small since we’re new at this, but hopefully we’ll be able to reduce the grocery bill a bit in the future. Also, it’s nice to know exactly where your produce is coming from! Doesn’t get much fresher than this. Garden Assembly Plants! […]

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We’re Growing

We’re growing. . . our food! That’s right, I’ve decided that I’m going to start a garden this year. Since there’s a chance of a good hard frost around here until at least the middle of April we’ve started our Garden indoors in an attempt to get an early harvest. We’ve already got some good […]

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