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Mattel’s Great Customer Service

This Christmas all KJ wanted was a Finn McMissile car from the Cars 2 movie that came out last year. He asked about it for months leading up to Christmas. When he opened it up on Christmas morning, he was very excited and wanted to play with it immediately. Once we got it out of the package, he carried it everywhere.

Now, this particular Finn McMissile actually has little plastic missiles that shoot out from it. As you can imagine, we lost the missiles. I was actually astounded that we had them as long as we did, about ten hours. 
Since then, I’ve been meaning to get on Mattel’s web site to see if they offer replacement missiles. I kept putting it off and putting it off, because I really didn’t want to spend more money on something that he was probably going to lose again.
Well, the other day I finally went to the site. I searched and searched, and came to the conclusion that they did not offer the missiles as a replacement part. 
I decided to email the customer service department and ask if there was any chance that I could get replacements. I was thrilled when I got a reply email the next day letting me know that they would be sending out a bag of replacement missiles free of charge.
Kudos to Mattel for their quick response and for actually taking care of their customers. It’s really nice to see and experience such great customer service.To most of you this probably seems like a very small gesture on Mattel’s part, but I know how excited KJ is going to be to get new missiles to replace the ones he lost.

Looking Back

Google recently updated my YouTube channel, prompting me to take a look back at some of the great videos I’ve posted over the last couple of years. My “Top Videos” playlist has my five favorite videos in it, so be sure to check that out.

Here’s my favorite video of the trips from the past four years (don’t worry, you’re not going crazy, there is no sound in the video):

Greater Cleveland Aquarium

This weekend we took the kids to the new Greater Cleveland Aquarium. The aquarium is located in the old First Energy Powerhouse on the West Bank of the Flats. It opened to the public on January 21st.

There was quite a crowd there, but we were able to bypass the line to get in by purchasing our tickets online before we got there. I highly recommend purchasing your tickets online if you plan to visit in the next couple of weeks, especially on the weekends. If you wait to purchase your tickets there, you may be waiting out in the cold, and we all know how that can go with little ones in tow!

I have to say, I am very impressed with what they’ve put together here. It’s a nice, clean, family friendly experience. The kids absolutely loved it. Once KJ heard there were sharks, he was hooked. The whole way through he kept asking when we were going to see the sharks. Unfortunately, the shark tank was the last attraction, so he asked A LOT!

About midway through, there is a tank that’s about three feet deep that some staff members were in with some of the sea creatures. We got to go up (they provided step stools for the little ones) and we could learn a little about some of the creatures and even touch them. Juli was very excited that she got to touch a starfish, by far her favorite creature of the sea. We also saw a sea urchin and a spiny lobster, among some other things.

Off to the side of that tank, there’s a little “rest area” with some chairs and some puzzles and toys for the little ones to play with. Of course the kids stopped there briefly and checked everything out.

At the end of the aquarium, we finally got to see the shark tank (KJ was very excited), and then we went through their “Sea Tube” which allows you to walk under the water and see all the fish swimming around and above you. It’s a very cool way to observe the fish. Unfortunately, the kids were pretty much done with the whole thing by that point, so we didn’t get to spend as much time there as I would have liked.

Over all it was a great experience. I’m glad we got the Annual Pass, because we’ll definitely be going back again.